Video Armor™ was developed and created by Twin State Technical Services. We’ve been in business since 1992 and develop software, create websites, and engineer networks for a wide variety of clients in the Quad Cities and throughout the Midwest region.

Video Armor™ was inspired by Officer Eric Barker of the Donnellson Police Department. Officer Barker had wondered why he couldn’t use his smartphone as a low-cost alternative to body-worn police cameras. Using the devices they already own, Video Armor™ allows officers to record and review for training purposes, provide additional detail in incident reporting, and add to the transparency and honest dialogue sought by those individuals who serve and protect.

Video Armor™ strips away the extra gear and expense of body cameras into a simple application for both Android and iOS. We hope our app is used by law enforcement, campus police, security guards, medics, and other first responders in the United States. We also offer it for adoption by security and law enforcement internationally, and we welcome comments and contributions for additional features to Video Armor™.

If you’ve used our app, we’d love to hear what you think about it. Please contact us with any comments, bugs, or contributions you feel will help make the Video Armor app the best that it can be.

Additional Credits

Video Armor™ for Android includes open source components licensed under Apache 2.0.