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Recording Video

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Where Should I Wear This Body Camera?

Most of our customers prefer to mount their phones above their breast pocket or on the collar of their uniform. We recommend the OtterBox Defender Series, which is durable and includes a high-quality holster/clip attachment.

Will the video continue recording while the phone is locked?

Android: Yes. Video Armor will continue to run even if the phone is locked while a recording is in progress. The only way to stop a recording is to press the stop recording button inside the Video Armor app. Note that if you have "Beep While Recording" enabled, the app will continue to make sounds if the phone is locked or if you navigate to a different app (Android only).
iOS: No. Locking the screen will stop a recording in progress.

How does Video Armor™ get data about my location?

Video Armor™ uses protocols established by the iOS and Android operating systems to gather location data. This data may be gathered from cellular signals, WiFi, Global Positioning System (GPS) networks, and/or Bluetooth. The amount and sources of this data depend both on individual user permissions and environmental factors (e.g., whether a line of sight to GPS satellites is available).

For more information on how your smartphone gathers data about your location, see the Apple and Google Location Services (Android) help documentation.


Recording Video

What happens if I get a phone call while recording?

Android Video Armor prevents incoming calls from interrupting a recording currently in progress.

iOS Incoming calls will interrupt any recording in progress unless you take steps to properly configure and enable "Do Not Disturb" or "Airplane Mode."


  • Option #1: Turn on Do Not Disturb. The Do Not Disturb function introduced in iOS7 allows you to temporarily block phone calls, SMS messages, and other alerts that may impact your recording. Be sure to select “Always” from the Silence option since Video Armor does not operate while the device is locked.
  • Option #2 Enable Airplane Mode. Using Airplane Mode will impact the geolocation data gathered from GPS and WiFi signals, so if these features are necessary for your use, it’s best to use the "Do Not Disturb" method.

Can I use voice controls to dictate an incident report?

Yes. You can use the dictation features built into iOS and Android instead of typing on the keyboard. Tap the dictation button located next to the space bar on the keyboard.


View or Edit Recordings

How do I edit incident reports?

First, select the video of the incident from the Recordings screen. Once you reach the Video Information screen, you may edit the Office, Incident ID, Incident Type, and Notes by tapping directly in those fields. When you’re finished, make sure to tap Save Changes before using the Back button to leave the screen.

What happens when I export videos on my iPhone?

By default, all videos shot with Video Armor are stored within the app itself. Using the “Export to Photos” function (for single videos) or the “Export Selected” Batch Command will copy videos into the Photos app built into the iPhone. Note that this does not delete the copy stored in Video Armor.

To transfer videos to your computer using iTunes, follow the steps in this screencast:



How do I sort my recordings by incident type, incident ID, or date?

By default, the Recordings screen shows a list of every video on your device made with Video Armor™. You can use filters to narrow this list by tapping “Show Filter.” The app will display the incident types and dates associated with recordings currently on your device. When you’ve selected the filters you want to use, tap "Done" to return to the main Recordings screen.

To view all recordings, move the Incident Type and Date fields to “Any” and make sure the Incident Number field is blank.

How do I delete videos?

To delete a single video from Video Armor:

  1. From the View Recordings screen, tap on the video you want to delete.
  3. Tap Delete Video, located near the bottom of the Video Information screen.
  5. Enter the administrative PIN to confirm.
  7. Tap End Edit.

To delete multiple videos from Video Armor:

  1. From the View Recordings screen, tap Edit.
  3. Select the videos you want to delete.
  5. Tap “Delete Selected” and enter the administrative PIN to confirm.


Settings and Customization

Are app sounds audible during recordings?

Yes. If you have the "Beep While Recording" setting enabled, it will be audible on video and potentially obscure other sounds being recorded by the body camera (Android only). If you want to ensure the app sounds do not interfere with your recordings, it's best to keep this setting turned off.